Agricultural and Water Partnership

Critical to Africa's ability to rise out of third world status to become a self-sustaining continent is its ability to adequately feed the millions who call it home. Among its several projects, Oil and Wine seeks to assist churches and communities in Africa with agricultural and water well projects designed to meet their needs in homes, schools, churches, and businesses. We are entering into a crucial time for food resources that will allow farmers to feed their own families, with enough remaining to sell to other individuals or in the marketplace. Additionally, clean water is one of the most pressing needs in African as access to reliable, potable water sources as well as adequate sanitation, are woefully lacking. This lack leads to parasitic and other diseases for many Africans, particularly children, and limits the ability of families to provide for adequate nutrition, as good water is a base for any food supply.

For the agricultural side of the equation, Oil and Wine International is currently partnered with an agriculturist in our home state of Arkansas who is willing to donate seeds, fertilizer, etc. and to encourage individual farmers as well as local communities to purse agricultural projects in their area. Success requires individual landowners with both the ability and desire to grow crops. The specific needs for the project will be evaluated in conjunction with local pastors and other interested individuals. These local pastors, associated with Teams of Grace Ministries in Kampala, Uganda, will strategize in collaboration with the agriculturalist committee as they have worked together in the past and the committee holds these pastors in high regard.

There are additional options for animal stock depending on availability of funds and the interest in local areas of Africa.

We are also seeking partners and resources for water wells. More third-world children die from contaminated water than they do from communicable diseases. Oil and Wine is currently working with someone who can supply tanks, filters, etc. in communities to provide clean water, as well as training local residents in safe water production. After the equipment is installed, residents and local churches would be responsible for continued operation and oversight.

These projects are the first of their kind for Oil and Wine Fellowship, and they will represent a model for Africa as well as other third world nations.

We are looking to ministries and individuals with a genuine heart for Africa and her people who can commit to the long-term process of developing these agricultural processes and water wells, including providing expertise and equipment, and who are willing to work side-by-side with the people of a given region to develop a sustainable agricultural model.

Additionally, our ministering partners need to be spiritually Kingdom-oriented with a goal of not only meeting the physical needs of a region, but also the even greater need for the impartation of revelation and Kingdom in a given region through the working of the Holy Spirit within these partnerships. In particular, both Gabon and Uganda border areas with a heavy Muslim influence and Christian-based infrastructure projects - such as medical clinics, water wells, and agricultural efforts - are critical for filling not only humanitarian needs but also for sharing the gospel in these regions.

If you or your ministry would be interested in partnering with us, you can contact me at

ph: 479-561-4582