Medical Clinics Partnership

The recent news about the deadly Ebola outbreak in Africa and its toll on the people of multiple nations only serves to highlight the ongoing need for improved medical resources throughout much of Africa. Many of the African people live in areas with limited or no healthcare resources/health education, among unsanitary conditions including little access to clean drinking water.

As part of our ongoing partnership efforts with African nations to provide practical business and humanitarian partnerships, Oil and Wine International Fellowship is seeking U.S. and European ministries to join us in an initiative to build multiple new medical clinics in underserved areas of various African nations, including Gabon and Uganda.

These proposed clinics would initially be constructed using resources and medical expertise provided through Western partners in close consultation with their African counterparts, as they are best able to identify the genuine needs of their people. Once a clinic is completed and local personnel trained in its operation, the clinic would be turned over to the African people to run.

We are seeking ministries and individuals with a genuine heart for Africa and her people who can commit to the long-term process of developing these clinics, including providing medical expertise and equipment, and who are willing to work side-by-side with the people of a given region to develop a sustainable clinic model.

Additionally, our ministering partners need to be spiritually Kingdom-oriented with a goal of not only meeting the physical needs of a region, but also the even greater need for the impartation of revelation and Kingdom in a given region through the working of the Holy Spirit within these partnerships. In particular, both Gabon and Uganda border areas with a heavy Muslim influence and Christian-based infrastructure projects - such as medical clinics, water wells, and agricultural efforts - are critical for filling not only humanitarian needs but also for sharing the gospel in these regions.

If you or your ministry would be interested in partnering with us, you can contact me at

ph: 479-561-4582