Jet Co-op


It should be no secret that we live in increasingly dark times. In spite of the advent of the Internet and other technologies that allow for electronically spreading the Message of God, in these increasingly difficult days there remains a need for ministries and missionaries to physically preach and disciple believers throughout the globe.

Since the events of 09/11, commercial air travel has become increasingly expensive and difficult. Additionally, ministries and missionaries need flexibility and freedom of movement to reach areas of the world where commercial travel may be limited or even impossible.

Periodically, corporations retire their corporate jets from service. These retired aircraft often retain a significant number of air hours, or lifespan, and could be pressed into service for missionary travel. However, to do so requires money for monthly maintenance of the airplane, as well as travel costs.

While these supporting costs are beyond the reach of individual ministries, or missionaries, they are not beyond the combined reach of a cooperative of ministries/missionaries. With each participant contributing a percentage toward monthly maintenance, it becomes possible to upkeep a jet and make it available for 4-5 trips per year to critical mission areas.

Oil and Wine International Fellowship is spearheading an effort to create just such a co-op. We are currently seeking Kingdom-minded ministries who are interested in sharing with us in this venture for the benefit of all participants...and ultimately for the benefit of people worldwide who yet need to hear the Gospel of Christ.

If your ministry or your mission team would be interested in participating in this co-op, please contact me by e-mail at, by phone at (479) 561-4582, or by mail at 1901 Magnolia Drive, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72908, United States. Together, I believe that we can create a powerful, flexible force for spreading the Gospel's Kingdom message in difficult-to-reach areas of the world.

Yours faithfully,

Apostle Patricia Porter

ph: 479-561-4582